Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Postpartum Notes #2

I'll try using the same categories as last time pretty much for my update. Here we go!

Hormones - I got the official word from my endocrinologist to do bloodwork for my thyroid at 8 weeks postpartum, so that is set. Emotionally I've been pretty even-keeled. A few teary times, but they were triggered by laughing as often as not, which the kids find hilarious. Daniel likes to tell me jokes and get me laughing until I cry. I think one reason things have been pretty even for me in the last week is that I'm getting great sleep for having a newborn. If you read Rebekah's 2 week update you already know she's doing a solid 4 hour stretch each night from midnight to 4am. It just can't be overstated how essential sleep is to healthy functioning in all areas!

Milk - My body is pretty much done, just a bit of occasionally discomfort now. Glad that is nearly over. Wearing a tight sports bra is helping a lot.

Diastasis Recti - While things are obviously still settling back to normal as I'm only 2 weeks post-delivery, I have checked my abdominal split. It feels like somewhere between 3 and 4 fingers wide at my bellybutton, getting smaller as you go up or down from there. I also have discovered I hate wearing the abdominal splint. Mostly because I'm still going to the bathroom pretty often with the lovely postpartum bleeding and that means removing the splints, then redoing it all. I'll give the splints a try again soon.

Bleeding - Mine slowed down dramatically around 12 days postpartum. Yesterday it kicked up a bit, which isn't surprising. Yesterday Daddy went back to work so I've been on my own with all 10 kids. That means I'm up and doing things more and the bleeding increased accordingly. I'm trying to find a balance between being up and doing the mom things I need to and resting.

Spinal Headache - This is officially gone. I had a few more headaches after I last posted but have been headache free for several days now.

Uterine Prolapse - Can't really check on this yet. Just waiting.

Sleep - Already updated in the Hormones category. :)

Weight - At 5 days postpartum I was 209 lbs. At 15 days postpartum I am now 205 lbs. I probably won't lose any more weight without effort, but we shall see. That means I've lost 25 of the 30 lbs I gained this pregnancy.

Clothing - I ended up having to buy a pair of pants. I have one pair of jeans that mostly fit and all my maternity yoga pants are falling off. I found a pair of pants on clearance at WalMart and between that and my maxi skirts I'm making due for now.

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  1. How fun to have so many clothes be so big!! Only 5 love over prepregnancy is awesome! I wish you steady hormones. 😊


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