Friday, January 11, 2019

Homeschool Week 20: New Beginnings and a Birthday

New beginnings are my happy place, even when I know they are going to be crazy, cranky, and chaotic. Welcome to our first week back to homeschool after Christmas break! Here are my notes for the beginning of our second semester.

Monday Notes:
School was an exercise in patience on my part. There are always children who would rather not get back to school work and decide to be cranky about at least a few of their assignments. I have two usual culprits and today was no different. Both balked at continuing writing assignments they had done research for previously, and both survived the experience.

Until everyone finds their groove our morning school time is chaotic for me. At one point I was helping kids do all of the following - at the same time:
  • Translating a story from Latin to English with Makayla. She translates orally and sometimes needs help or corrections. 
  • Reading spelling words to Oliver and Caleb from two different levels of All About Spelling. (By Tuesday this was delegated to Daddy, which made these kids happy.)
  • Listening to Mason read aloud from All About Reading level 2.
  • Overseeing Samuel and Daniel's math, checking problems for Daniel and encouraging Samuel to keep rolling the dice and adding up the dots.
While my husband is home, he had two college classes begin today, so he's busy getting oriented with those. He takes classes from BYU-I online. This semester he has macroeconomics and a communications class.

At 10am the majority of the kids gathered with snack at the table for history. We learned what happened to 12 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, as a result of their signing the Declaration. Tomorrow we will talk about some of the principles in the Declaration. 

By lunch time everyone was done with their school work, including the high schooler. It's another reason we love homeschooling - we can dive in and work to be done by lunch some days, or we can take the opposite course and slowly meander through our school work all morning, afternoon, and into the evening. 

Our afternoon was quiet play, reading, games, and more school for Daddy. Dinner was new for us. I made chicken nuggets and dipped the chicken in egg before breading. Today's breading was almond flour and seasonings, no real recipe, just playing around with the ingredients on hand. I baked them in the oven for 30 minutes and paired them with fruit, potatoes baked in the Instant Pot, and roasted cinnamon carrots. Yum!

Tuesday Notes:
We plowed through the morning school work in our big crazy group at the table. History was a hands-on exploration of a few principles from the Declaration of Independence. Mason and I headed to physical therapy today (different day/time than usual) and came home to grandma and grandpa visiting, and they had brought vegetable soup for lunch. It was yummy!

The afternoon was our typical medical care and quiet game time. The rest of the day went on as usual. Dinner was fried polish sausage and rice, or leftovers, depending on preference.

Wednesday Notes:
The stars finally aligned and our friends were able to come visit! Before they arrived at 10am my kids dove through their work, leaving our family history time to do later in the afternoon. I made no-bake cookies to go with salad and pizza for lunch. We had such a good time visiting with our friends and planned a poetry tea time at their house to happen in 2 weeks, with a Valentine's party planned for about 3 weeks after that.

In the afternoon after medical care/game time we gathered at the table to learn about General George Washington during the American Revolution. We had an audio story to listen to first. To keep hands busy we pulled out slime, thinking putty, and coloring books. Then I read from The Big Book of History Stories about a few women and children's contributions during the war.

As soon as history was finished some kids disappeared upstairs, Emma watched the last 30 minutes of Justice League, Oliver and Caleb painted their Pinewood Derby cars, and Mason, Samuel, and Tobias enjoyed painting on paper.

In the evening Makayla and Emma were able to go to the Columbus Ohio Temple. Joseph and Daniel had youth group and were in the kitchen cooking and learning about nutrition.

Thursday Notes:
I gave up on sleep at 5:30am and headed downstairs for my daily exercise. My body just was done sleeping and I hate laying around when there is so much I could be doing. After exercise and a shower Daddy and the minions were up and our day was right into school work. Everyone had scheduled a lighter day today, knowing Daddy had a checkup with the surgeon and Mommy is his chauffer for now. They worked steadily until 10am, then watched Night at the Museum while we were gone. A few last school things were finished after we returned. After lunch the girl cousins arrived to hang out while their brothers were at an appointment, which is always fun.

Later in the afternoon I made a quick library trip to pick up some new poetry books for the poetry tea time later this month. Each child needs to find a poem to share and so I thought new poetry books would be fun. I grabbed our library's newsletter and noticed a class for later in the afternoon about bookbinding for teens, which I mentioned to my teens once I got home. Emma decided it sounded like fun and so back to the library I went. While Emma took the class I sat and read a book in the quiet of the library. It was a nice break for me.

That evening's game with Daniel was just a quick round of Go Fish. We're trying to be consistent at playing a game every day still. We need that simple positive interaction! Makayla decided to apply to another college that has been reaching out to her. She did the application and sent it off.

Friday Notes:
Today Mason is 7 years old and thrilled that it is his birthday.

While he will have a party this weekend, he opened gifts this morning. He has been asking for  a magic kit for several months. His favorite present today was

this Deluxe Magic Kit by Melissa and Doug. (aff) He is working on learning to perform the different tricks and did a small magic show right before lunch for his siblings.

His other two gifts were this Kinetic Sand Dino Dig (aff) and

the Lego Juniors Cars 3 Florida 500 Final Race (aff). I've linked to Amazon and prices change regularly. I got each item for 60% or more off the current prices, thank goodness!
In general Friday has been a typical homeschool day other than birthday fun. Everyone finished up their school work for the week. The kids tried to hold or stand on ice cubes for as long as they could, to set the scene for our history reading. We read about the Battle of Trenton and compared some of the tactics George Washington used to battles in the Book of Mormon.

Over lunch we read some fun reverse poetry in the book Mirror, Mirror by Marilyn Singer. I had never heard of reverse poems before! Basically, they are poems that can be read, and then if you read a second time with the lines in reverse order (from bottom to top) they make another poem all together. The illustrations in the book really help kids grasp the difference in the story being told when the poem is reversed.

The rest of our Friday will be family time, a gospel study about Mary and Joseph, dinner, and more family time. For now, I'm off to play Clue with Daniel and any other kids who are interested. 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Homeschool Life: Heading into Second Semester

One of the things I love most about our homeschooling lifestyle is being able to know intimately where my children are in their learning and adjust course according to their needs and goals. The Christmas break is always my mid-year evaluation time. I look at each child's progress in their subjects. Are we on target to meet their goals? Have their goals changed? Where are they in their courses: on time, behind, or ahead? Do we have any life situations or opportunities this semester to work around or add in? Then we plan out our second semester accordingly. Let me share a few current examples so you can see what I mean.

Example 1: Language Arts
When I look at the oldest 4, who are each using a level of The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts this year, I can see exactly how far they are and how many weeks of work they have left for the year. Makayla has 15 weeks left, putting her at finishing at the end of April. Joseph, Emma, and Daniel have 13 weeks left, finishing in mid-April.

Example 2: Latin
Makayla's goal is to finish her current book by the end of the school year. That means she needs to do at least 4 pages per week to finish in the next 18 weeks. She also has the flexibility to do more than that and finish Latin early.

Example 3: History
For all the kids from Joseph down to Samuel we use The Good and the Beautiful History 1. We have 22 lessons left. We can spread those out over the next 18 weeks if we wish. Instead, we're going to focus heavily on history for January and early February and finish it up. The elementary age kids will actually take a break from science during January to make room for more history work.

Example 4: Goals
Joseph and Daniel wanted to work on their handwriting at the beginning of the school year, so they added in a handwriting course each. After a semester of work they both are satisfied with their improvement and are not doing a handwriting course for second semester. Goal met!

Caleb, on the other hand, has not met a personal goal he set for reading fluency - yet. He has committed to doing more reading practice during second semester to help him reach his goal.

Example 5: Life Situations
Semester two brings a few new life situations we're going to be working through. Mason is back in physical therapy weekly, and the available time slot with his therapist is mid-morning on Thursdays. This will impact school lessons on those days a bit. However, our second life situation affects life more while also negating some of the impact of Mason's physical therapy time slot. My husband had knee surgery January 2nd and will have shoulder surgery January 30th. He is off work and home for the next four months. That means even if I'm at an appointment with Mason the homeschooling can go on with Daddy in charge. Of course, it also means we may have a physical therapy schedule at some point for Daddy after his shoulder surgery later this month. We will tackle that if it comes.

I have tried to sit with each child over break to chat about school and their personal goals. We've talked about ways I can support them, or resources they need. One child wanted reminders to practice piano so they asked me to put it on their weekly school assignment sheet. Another asked for a scripture study reminder on their assignment sheet. One wanted to learn more about Alexander Hamilton so we found a biography at the library. One is wanting to learn to cook more things, so they've asked to be invited more often to help when I'm preparing meals.

We get back to school tomorrow. We're crafting new routines for the season we are in and taking it one winter day at a time. If all else fails, I know a good read aloud and some hot cocoa can save just about any day!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Second Week of Christmas Break

Friday Notes:
After I hit publish last Friday on my post Mason's orthopedic surgeon's nurse practitioner called. I was expecting it, but not looking forward to it. Because of Mason's Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, and the resulting nerve damage there are many other medical issues that he is likely to deal with in his life. One of those things is Scoliosis. Mason has had a curve for a while, and while it has been stable for some time, it has recently gotten worse. He is at approximately a 30 degree curve right now, which has crossed over the treatment threshold. Treatment at the moment is a custom made hard brace that he will wear when sleeping. Scoliosis can't be reversed or fixed by bracing. It can be slowed, sometimes even held at the current curve indefinitely. If it worsens again then he would move to wearing a brace 23 hours a day. If it worsens a lot the only possible help is spinal surgery. We really don't want that.

At the same time Mason will be getting AFO braces to help stretch his tendons and hold his feet in a neutral position. He will wear these at night as well. We are noticing some tightening of tendons in his ankles and want to head off surgeries for contractures if we can. The risks with any braces Mason wears is skin breakdown. He has extremely sensitive skin that can and does break down easily. Yes, this may sound familiar if you read Mason's blog I kept for several years, because he has had these kinds of braces and surgeries before, and he will have them again (probably more than once). It is just part of his life.

Saturday Notes:
Grocery shopping in the morning while kids did their weekly video game time happened. Then kids spent some of their Christmas money. I also stopped at the library to pick up some books we had ordered. Makayla and Joseph had the Snow Ball (youth dance) that evening while the rest of us stayed home and played board games together.

Sunday Notes:
The last day of 3 hour church went well. (Our church is moving to a 2 hour schedule in the new year.) In the afternoon some grandparents visited and stayed for dinner. Then Daddy had to go to bed at 7pm to be up in the wee hours of the morning for his last day of work for four months.

Monday Notes:
I woke earlier than usual and had by 30 minutes of exercise done before 6:00am. Kids started trickling down from their bedrooms at 5:50am. A normal break week morning commenced with lego building, Pokémon card games, snacks, and playdoh. Rebekah, who woke up at 6am, fell asleep in my arms by 9am. I spent an hour and a half creating schedules for the last 5 units of The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts High School 1. I printed out writing samples from kids' first semester work and added those to their portfolios.

Tuesday Notes:
We took a family trip to COSI, a science center. It was our first time exploring the Power of Poison exhibit, as well as the Hot Wheels exhibit. The Power of Poison was fascinating! So many interesting stories, items, and things to explore. I think my favorite was the giant magic book. As you turned pages the images would appear. There were places to touch that made the pages come alive with stories, pictures of different medicinal and poisonous plants growing and blooming, and more.

We had our first new family gospel study lesson from the Come, Follow Me materials. Our plan is to keep this simple. We gathered around the table and read the parable of the sower. As we went, we made a poster about the different kinds of ground the Savior spoke of and what happened to the seeds in each one. Then we read on to find out what each of those represented, talked about examples, etc. We moved into a discussion of how Joseph is doing at learning Latin (he isn't studying Latin!). It led to our theme: "We are responsible for our own learning." Everyone understood that even though Makayla has been learning Latin for almost 2 years it hasn't helped Joseph learn Latin. She can not learn for him. We have to do our own studying and learning. So what do we want to learn? We want to learn to be more like Jesus Christ. For the next few days the kids are to think about how they would describe Jesus, what he is like, his character, what he does. We'll be talking about it and making plans about how we can learn more about Jesus and learn to be like him.

Wednesday Notes:
Jason had knee surgery on this day. We were gone for about 7 hours and my sister took care of the kids in my absence. The surgery went well and the doctor says it will be about a 3 month recovery process with a lot of lasting swelling to deal with while his microfractured femur (done by the doctor) grows scar cartilage (Jason's cartilage was damaged and some was cut out). Jason is up and walking some, but also doing a lot of elevation and ice on the knee. He's also on strong painkillers for now, to get through the initial swelling of the next few days.

Thursday Notes:
Home life was quiet. We took turns choosing shows to watch and that meant I got to start a new series on Netflix called Tidying Up. This is centered around Marie Kondo, author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I read her book several years ago and while we don't agree about some things, she is a great motivator for decluttering.

Emma baked a root beer cake mid-morning just because she could. Dinner was already going in the crock pot, Hawaiian pulled pork for sandwiches.

In the evening we had another family gospel study lesson. I'm all about simple. Our goal this time was to talk about Jesus Christ, his character, what he does, and what we can do to be like him. I took 30-ish pictures from the Gospel Art Kit we've had for years and laid them face down on the table, a few at each person's place. We went around sharing one of our pictures and what we learn about Jesus from that picture. I took notes on a piece of copy paper with Jesus written at the top. It was so fun to look at the art work, talk about the scriptural events, stories, and parable, and more than that, to hear my children sharing. Here are some examples of picture topics we had:
  • Jesus stilling the storm
  • The crucifixion
  • The parable of the good Samaritan
  • Christ as a child working with Joseph
  • Jesus as a boy in the temple
  • Healing a blind man
You can see the artwork in the Gospel Art Kit free online here. Most of our pictures were pulled from the New Testament section. The images are also free to download. Enjoy!

Friday Notes:
Today I've taken kids aside to update their personal literature lists (books they read independently) for their portfolios. We've talked about school goals for second semester. I'm so excited to get back to school next week! 
Jason is doing well. We took off his bandages today from surgery and things look good, but definitely swollen. 
Five of the boys got haircuts this morning. Now I'm getting ready to take most of the kids over to the church because it is our turn to clean. Member families take turns cleaning the church each week. It is divided into 3 areas and we'll clean one area. Jason and some of the kids will stay home, since Daddy isn't up for walking that much or cleaning. 
Time for me to hit publish and get going! Happy Friday!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Christmas Week 2018

Tuesday Notes:
Christmas day was laid back and sweet. We made our traditional cinnamon rolls for breakfast. The kids opened their 3 gifts. Everyone was excited and spent the morning enjoying everything. A few kids chose 'experiences' this year, which is new for us. Makayla and Mommy will be going to see The Lightning Thief: The Musical at the theater the one night it is in Ohio. Joseph and Emma chose movie theater gift cards so they can see movies they are looking forward to in 2019. Daniel chose tickets for him and a parent (undecided which parent right now) to go to Cedar Point, an amusement park, which he has never done before. Some of us spent the morning watching a couple Christmas shows on Netflix while we relaxed. In the evening one set of grandparents and my sister's family came over for dinner (make your own subs), a cousin gift exchange, and games and gifts from grandma and grandpa. We ended the evening in a new way, and it was the highlight for me. My nephew brought his guitar and shared some Christmas songs with us, pulling Joseph in to play the piano for a duet, and then Makayla played some piano for us as well. So fun!

My sweet children. From left to right:
Emma 13, Rebekah 10 mos, Joseph 14,
Tobias 3, Mason 6, Samuel 5, Caleb 8, 
Daniel 11, Oliver 9, Makayla 17.

Wednesday Notes:
Re-entry to regular life after a holiday is always rough with kids. It was a cranky morning for a few but we let it work itself out. Daddy accompanied Joseph and Oliver to see the new Bumblebee movie in theaters. The boys paid for their own tickets and enjoyed the movie. We played Emma's new Marvel trivia card game shortly before bed and called it a night. I spent half an hour finishing up my 'high school counselor' duties on the Common App website, submitting Makayla's transcripts.

Thursday Notes:
I was up at 5am with Rebekah. Once she went back to sleep I stayed up to get some work done. My first task was going through each child's portfolio of school work for first semester. I sorted through papers and pulled samples to keep for the portfolio submission at the end of the year. I threw away the rest. For example, while the kids each had more than 50 math papers I only need a fraction of that for the portfolio. I made it through all but Makayla's portfolio. This is one way I gauge how our year is going and where we are at in our lessons.

Some subjects are obvious, they have lessons laid out in a book. Our history curriculum is set up this way. There are 60 lessons to cover during the school year. We can choose to do history frequently and finish the 60 lessons in a semester (leaving second semester to really focus on science), spread the 60 lessons out evenly over the entire year, or choose a completion date and do lessons at whatever frequency to meet that. We are on lesson 39.

Other subjects are a bit more free-flow and I evaluate how much work a child has done and how much more they need to complete to finish the course. Literature is a good example of this. I have a reading list that kids choose books from. They read most days of the week for a set amount of time. This means a quick reader will finish more books than an average or slower speed reader. I am okay with that. I simply want my children immersed in good books. They narrate to me as they read or after they finish. The older kids also have literature integrated within their language arts curriculum.

At 9am this morning Mason and I headed to the Physical Therapy office. He has been out of PT since his surgery in September. Now it is time to get back to work. Today we had an assessment with his therapist, set some goals, and lined up things that I need to do - like get an appointment with Mason's brace specialist to adjust his HKAFO braces if possible. He has grown and so we need to lengthen the current braces. If that isn't doable they will custom create new braces, which then takes getting a prescription for braces from the orthopedic surgeon or physical medicine doctor. While we wait for braces to be ready his PT focus will be core work, balance, and stretching.
Rebekah is enjoying reaching the table
to get food people leave unattended. 

The rest of our Thursday was spent cleaning, playing games, reading books aloud, cooking, and being a family.

Friday Notes: 
It is Friday morning and the kids are busy doing whatever it is they do on break. There is drawing, reading, playing Pokémon, enjoying gifts, and just spending time together. I plan to work on school preparations for second semester. We're also starting some short read alouds today. Have you seen the Tuttle Twins books by Connor Boyack? These are a fun introduction to economics and government. From their website: "Each book in this series focuses on a different aspect of the principles of a free society: free markets, competition, individual rights, the non-aggression principle, personal responsibility, protectionism, and a variety of other issues—all boiled down to core concepts that children ages 5-10 can easily grasp." 

Sounds fun, right? The titles are:
  1. The Tuttle Twins and the Law
  2. The Tuttle Twins and the Miraculous Pencil
  3. The Tuttle Twins and the Creature from Jekyll Island
  4. The Tuttle Twins and the Food Truck Fiasco
  5. The Tuttle Twins and the Road to Surfdom
  6. The Tuttle Twins and the Golden Rule
  7. The Tuttle Twins and the Search for Atlas
  8. The Tuttle Twins and their Spectacular Show Business
  9. The Tuttle Twins and the Fate of the Future

We have books 1-8. We're just going to read and discuss as we go. My kids are always up for read alouds. 

Happy Friday all!

Monday, December 24, 2018

For God So Loved the World

I love Christmas because it leads to Easter and the promise of Resurrection! May your family be blessed by the gift of God's son and his gift of the Atonement. Please take four minutes and watch this video and share it with your loved ones.

2018-2019 Homeschool Notes Week 19 and Beginning of Break

Rebekah climbing on Mason, 
who was reading Latter-Day Prophets
to her. 
Monday Notes:
It felt like a Monday. Ugh. Several people were not in the mood for school work, including me! We persevered and did school anyway. I think my favorite lesson was history today, we learned about Thomas Jefferson, read from his letters, from things his contemporaries wrote about him, and about the Declaration of Independence.

Tuesday Notes:
We had smooth sailing in the school department as is usual for Tuesday around here. Various math, language arts, reading, latin, science, and other lessons happened spread over the morning. Makayla spent the morning printing the first draft of the novel she just finished writing last night. Our printer survived the more than 500 pages of printing. I have to say, I love our printer. We bought it last December and it has printed nearly 4000 pages this year without needing the ink refilled. It is an Epson ET-2750.

Wednesday Notes:
Daniel has really struggled with math this week. For those who know Daniel, they know that is unusual. Learning pretty much always comes easily to him. The growing pains have been fierce. This perfectionist child would rather give up completely than struggle through understanding something. We're working it out but it has been a difficult thing. I finally looked at him and said that today was "the best day ever" because we were going to choose to have it be the best day ever. We didn't have to be grumpy with each other. We could choose our attitude. He thought I was crazy, but in the end he was willing to go along with his crazy mom. One reason? Before the week began I realized this boy-child and I need more positive interactions. I grabbed him and told him that I thought we needed something fun to do together regularly and offered a few ideas. He thought playing a game together most days was a great idea. We've played something every day since. Some days it is just me and him, other days a group of siblings gathers to play with us. It's a simple thing, but it has made a difference.

Thursday Notes:
We surprised the kids with the start of Christmas break. Why? Because we homeschool and so we can! It was a totally laid back day.

My favorite moment was when I found all seven of my sons playing a board game together! The game is Journey Through Time: Eye Found It. The board is 6 feet long! You can find it on Amazon here (aff).

 My least favorite moment was at 10:30pm when Joseph, who escaped last week's vomit fest, threw up. It was a less than fun night with a few more episodes before he was finished.

Friday Notes:
Today just reminded me how grateful I am for my mom! Mason and I needed to be at Children's Hospital an hour away to meet with 10 of his specialists all morning. She took over sick care for Joseph, kept the rest of the kids fed and happy, and I didn't have to think about a thing going on at home. I could just focus on Mason and all his medical appointments.

The appointments went fine, just a lot of talking, asking questions, answering questions, and so on. He had a bladder and kidney ultrasound (everything is stable), leg x-rays from hips to toes to check on the metal plate and screws in his right knee and the degree of valgus (angle) for both lower legs (11 and 18), and then we had to trek back to x-ray after the doctor visits for updated x-rays of his spine because I'm pretty sure his scoliosis is worse (the doctor will call after Christmas but what I can read on the radiologist's notes makes me think I'm right). Specialists he saw included urology, neurosurgery, physical medicine, orthopedic surgeon, physical therapy, occupational therapy, developmental pediatrics, and more. We also had enough time between doctors to read aloud nearly half of one of Mason's favorite chapter books: Henry Huggins by Beverly Cleary.

Saturday Notes:
Grocery shopping happened. The Christmas toy cleanout happened (kids go through their drawer/bin of personal things to clear out clutter, pass things to younger siblings if they have finished with an item, or add things to the donate bag. Some of my kids are paper keepers and so they had a lot of papers to go through and decide what to keep and what to let go of.

Sunday Notes:
A quiet family day with a Christmas service at church.

Monday Notes:
Christmas Eve is here. Makayla and my husband both had to work today. I'm hanging out with the rest of the kids. I'm taking a social media break until the new year starting this afternoon so I wanted to get this post published, as well as one more, which will be up soon!

Friday, December 14, 2018

2018-2019 Homeschool Week 18 - A Half Week and Vomit Everywhere

Saturday and Sunday Notes:
This was Christmas party weekend. We had two Christmas parties to attend as a family which means the kids ate more cookies and candy in two days than should be legal, and loved every minute of it! Joseph got home from a winter campout in time to attend both parties, and on Sunday evening had a Court of Honor where he got 7 merit badges from his summer scout camp work.

I knew going into the week that we would only have three days of school. The other two days were going to be full of doctor and specialist appointments - 13 to be exact. In the end 11 of those appointments were cancelled due to vomit.

Monday Notes:
Kids woke on their own schedules, ate breakfast, and got busy with school work. I sat at the table to help whoever needed me. It was new math lesson day so I taught things like adding doubles, skip counting by 5, using tally marks, and division with remainders. Reading lessons happened with four kids. Makayla and I translated a couple of Latin paragraphs. Emma worked on physical science. It was just a normal Monday morning.

Tuesday Notes:
I think my favorite thing today was reading: kids reading aloud to me, kids reading on their own and telling me about their books, me reading aloud to kids, and people listening to audio books. Winter weather always makes me want to curl up and read and I'm thankful that many of my kids have the same inclination. I'm also thankful for audio books so those who would rather keep their hands busy can still 'read' great books at the same time.

Wednesday Notes:
My morning started with my 3 year old Tobias coming down stairs and throwing up before 7:00am. Never a good way to start the day, but everyone else seemed fine so we just plugged along with our last day of school for the week. That afternoon Emma headed to the orthodontist to get the first half of her braces (upper teeth). When we got home things started going downhill. Kids started throwing up, feeling sick, and laying around with bowls just in case. The average number of times vomit happened per child today was 5, though Tobias escaped with just once and Oliver had the record high of 7. Mason busted almost every blood vessel in his face during his several turns throwing up, so he looks like he has a lot of pink/red freckles now over his entire face. I called and cancelled Mason's 11 doctor appointment that were on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday Notes:
Almost everyone still felt yucky but nobody threw up. That is really the only thing that matters. There was very little done besides manage symptoms and keep people as comfortable as possible. Joseph had an orthodontist appointment and ended up with power chains and bands, so he's joining Emma in the miserable, sore mouth club. Emma turned 13 today, thankfully we celebrated earlier this month because she didn't feel up to any celebrating today.

Friday Notes:
Most were feeling 'not worse' and some even 'a bit better' today. I called for a totally lazy tv day when we discovered new seasons and episodes of various shows, as well as some old favorites. The shows people were most excited about today:
  • Doctor Who current season (watching on Amazon) - 2 episodes
  • Lego Ninjago season 9 (watching on Amazon Prime) - 2 episodes
  • Miraculous (newest season, released today on Netflix) - 13 episodes 
Yes, you can see the one people were most excited about, can't you? We spread those 25 minute Miraculous episodes out over the day. There was much laughing, shrieking, sighing, celebrating, and guessing as we went through the episodes. It was fantastic and I suspect much drawing, story writing, and discussing will result.

Other than a lazy tv day, I fed people when they felt up to eating, did diaper changes, and held a generally fussy Rebekah  

It is Friday evening. I'm beat. Little ones have napped on an off today since they don't feel well. That means they aren't ready for bed even though it is bedtime. I'm hoping they get sleepy soon because I'm ready for bed! Daddy is home and we're tag teaming the rest of the night.