Friday, June 9, 2017

Summer Week Report with Tadpoles

It's been a great summer week and I really don't remember a lot of it because I'm deep in the fog of morning sickness that lasts all day and all night. I'm grateful for children who do their chores to keep the house running. I'm cooking meals but that's about it and there are days when cooking makes me start gagging and heaving. Here is what I do remember from our week:

Nature Study - We acquired a host of tadpoles from a friend and set up a nice habitat for them. The kids love watching them and looking for changes. Just in the last day or two we've noticed legs beginning to grow!

Summer learning happened - because my kids are great at following routines. Once you get them started they just take a routine and run with it.

Physical therapy - Mason got to start physical therapy again. We took a nearly 6 month break waiting to get in to the dermatologist to find solutions for his eczema issues. He can't wear his braces for standing/walking when his skin is a wreck. He's quite happy to be back to PT. We're focusing on several things: balance when sitting (never-ending issue because he's got nerve damage up through his core muscles), walking with a walker (safely, navigating around obstacles, building strength in upper body to handle the hard work of moving a lower body that can't move on it's own), falling safely (he's a boy, his willingness to take risks often outstrips his common sense), and more.

Cute tadpole close-up!
Cub Scout Carnival - The whole family (minus the 12 and 15 year old, who were in the same building doing a self defense class) got to enjoy the games the Bear den pulled together for the carnival. It was a lot of fun!

Reading - I've been speeding through books while sitting very still on the couch and trying not to throw up. I finished up the 12 book Ranger's Apprentice series and the first two books of the companion Brotherband Chronicles. Now I'm waiting to find books 3-6 of Brotherband Chronicles inexpensively. Sigh.

Food from the Garden - We have been picking some things from the garden and eating them. So far we've had lettuce, blackberries, and mustard greens.

Tomorrow my husband and I celebrate 17 years of married life! I've almost been married for half of my lifetime. Two days later Makayla turns 16 years old. Time is flying past.


  1. Sorry you are feeling ill, but what a happy result at the end. The tadpoles look super cute.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Morning sickness never was really fun. Bless you for going through it again! Those tadpoles are awesome, what a wonderful blessing to be able to see them grow and change!
    - Chrystal

  3. Raising tadpoles is so much fun. Congrats on the anniversary - and to Makayla. Hoping the morning sickness doesn't become too unbearable.

  4. I'm both sad and glad you're sick. :) Wishing you the advice and help you need to keep functioning!!!!


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