Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Pregnancy Update #2 - Morning Sickness

Right on schedule for me based on past pregnancies I started having morning sickness at 6 weeks pregnant. I woke up just after midnight at the 6 week mark with nausea. Well played, God, well played. As I mentioned in my first pregnancy update I have had morning sickness in every pregnancy lasting well into the 2nd trimester. With so much experience I have also tried many different things to help the nausea - with little luck. I'm trying two new things this time around to see if it will help at all. I'm taking a B-6 vitamin supplement each day and using a magnesium oil spray.

I will be honest, I look forward to the nausea beginning each time because it is one symptom of my hormones rising appropriately for pregnancy. It's something to celebrate! I just wish it wouldn't hang around for more than 3 months...ahem.

I'm eating when I can keep food down, drinking water, and just trusting that this all has a purpose. Some smells are making me gag - including meats - so cooking for the family is interesting.

Funny Moment:

Day 1 of morning sickness I had mentioned feeling like throwing up and my 9 year old Daniel apparently was listening.
On day 2 of morning sickness I was breathing deeply in the kitchen trying to quell the nausea and Daniel asked what was wrong.

Me: "Nothing, I just feel like I'm going to throw up."
Daniel: "Didn't you feel like that yesterday? I hope you feel better soon, Mom."
I start laughing and say "Daniel, I'm going to feel like throwing up all day and all night for the next 3 months. It's just part of pregnancy for me."
He was aghast. "Then why would you keep having babies, Mom? That's horrible!"
Me: "They're worth it, I promise."
Him: "If you say so Mom."


  1. My teen daughter asked me the same thing. I replied that I hoped thing were going to be different but it never was!!!!! B

  2. Cute, cute Daniel!!!!

    Here's hoping you find relief. I know you've tried it all before, but I find the only relief I've ever experienced came from giving up sugar--as in every single food that might possibly contain a trace of it.

    I need to find motivation to give it up again. :)

    Keeping you in my prayers!!

  3. If you say so, Mom! Hilarious! They are always worth it though, you are right!

  4. I lost track of you a bit except through Mason's blog and I'm finally looking through old links and here you are! Congratulations on this pregnancy! I'm so sorry you do it the rough way. I think your plan for prenatal care is brilliant. I'm not how high you are considered to be with your thyroid issues, but have you ever looked into planned unassisted homebirth? I've had several friend do it. Some might say you're high risk due to age and because you are a grand-multip, but you know your body and situation best.

  5. I second giving up sugar. I only realized that helps with my 9th pregnancy. Also, I recently discovered that sipping La Croix sparkling water helped a lot! And sucking on all varieties breathe mints of course. Im sure you know all this, just comisserating. So sorry.


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