Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Hot and Busy Week

Whew! I'm glad we made it through last week. We started with our 17th wedding anniversary on Saturday June 10th, church on Sunday (with Daniel home with a headache and throwing up - I suspect migraines with this boy.) and a birthday celebration on Sunday evening for Makayla's 16th birthday on Monday. Daniel and Oliver had Cub Scout Day Camp every day this week so there was driving them to the drop off and picking them up each day. It was a hot week, in the 90s every day. Makayla is shadowing several veterinarians in a large practice every Tuesday this summer so there was driving her there and back. Grocery shopping. Piano lessons. And then taking my pregnant self to Cub Scout Day Camp as an adult helper on Friday. What was I thinking?!

Saturday was a craft day at church to end the week.  Here is what I made at the craft day:
Have you ever done string art? I made this CTR shield for the girls' bedroom.
CTR stands for Choose The Right.
The blue one is for my boys' bedroom.

This is a large pillow cover (22" square) that I painted
with the word "READ". The kids are only allowed to
snuggle up with the pillow when they are reading.

It ended up being a great week and an exhausting one. So exhausting that I didn't get around to posting this until a few days later. Look for a pregnancy update later this week!


  1. That's a whole lot accomplished!

    And it IS hot, isn't it!?!?!?

  2. All the heat this past week and the kids spent most of the time outside with their water bottles. I love all of your arts and crafts that you did!


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