Friday, June 30, 2017

Pregnancy Update #4: Daily naps

As of yesterday I'm 10 weeks pregnant. The biggest symptoms I'm having are still nausea and exhaustion, but exhaustion has taken first place this week. A daily nap is a must right now. I simply can't stay awake and do the mothering of 9 children without a solid nap. That means each afternoon I turn on a movie for the kids while Tobias is napping, I curl up on the couch, and I tell them not to talk to me until snack time. Movie going, kids making noise, it doesn't matter - I'm asleep quickly.

I tried to eat meatloaf this past week. I don't know what I was thinking. It was a really bad idea and I barely gagged one tiny bite down before giving up. And the mere thought of chicken makes me shudder. Thank goodness for beans.

Other pregnancy related symptoms:
  • I'm doing great at drinking lots of water therefore I'm in the bathroom a lot.
  • While constipation tends to be a pregnancy issue I'm not dealing with it this time. Two factors are playing a part in this - all that water and the probiotics I'm taking.
  • Headaches - I've had a couple headaches lately. Not usual for me and annoying. It's meant I've been double and triple checking what essential oils I can use while pregnant to get some relief.
Looking Ahead
The kids are having a lot of fun suggesting names for this baby. Mason is convinced I'm having twins, one boy and one girl, and that he gets to name the boy. Ha! I'm not sure how people manage two newborns at once. As I have no history of twins in my family I'm pretty sure this will be just one sweet baby - and I'm great with that!

I've started thinking about when to move Tobias out of the crib and just where we're going to put him. He is almost 19 months old and still sleeps happily in the crib in our bedroom, so we'll probably leave him there for a while yet. When we move him out he will most likely join his brothers in the boys' bedroom. We don't have a bed for him though. The 6 older boys are on two triple bunk beds. There is room for a toddler bed so that is probably what we'll get for Tobias.


  1. It is amazing that you're going your family into your home! Kudos to you! I wish you peaceful naps each day!!!

  2. Many peaceful naps to you!!! And Tobias should have fun sleeping with his brothers


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