Thursday, March 23, 2017

The First Week of Spring - Pictureless

Sometimes I'm just too busy living my life to take pictures. Enjoy this ramble of notes from my week and create your own mental pictures.

Monday was the first day of Spring and we celebrated with our usual trip to Dairy Queen, who offers free vanilla cones on the first day of spring. We sang Moana songs in the van. We also got our new mailbox set up - the old one was falling apart. I picked out this one because it is wider than average and will fit some packages.

School today went pretty much as follows:
  • Makayla did seminary, piano practice, literature, writing, vet class, piano lesson, and ACT English exam practice. (She decided she wanted to study before she takes the ACT test so we grabbed a book and started it a couple weeks ago.) She also went back to track practice today - her vertigo is improving. She got dizzy a couple times but was able to make it through practice.
  • Joseph did scripture study, literature, Fix-It Grammar, math, piano practice, and piano lesson. He also loved snuggling up with Samuel (age 3) to read Dinosaur Named Sue - a photograph filled book about the discovery of the most complete T-Rex fossil.
  • Emma did piano practice, literature, math, scripture study, Fix-It Grammar, and piano lesson.
  • Daniel did literature, math, piano practice, scriptures study, piano lesson.
  • Oliver did math, reading, scripture study, piano practice (he does a little each day because he wants to), and a 5 minute piano lesson.
  • Caleb did reading, scripture study, piano practice (he does just a little each day because he wants to), math, and his 5 minute lesson with our wonderful piano teacher.
  • Mason and I read some books together (along with his younger brothers), he built things out of Lego, we did patterning and math with unifix cubes.
We played several rounds of Sleeping Queens today. It is a fun little game with rich illustrations and addition options. Makayla and I fit in a grocery shopping trip in the early afternoon. The kids asked to watch The Jungle Book today. Dinner was soup and rolls, filling and warm for this not-very-warm first day of spring.

Tuesday we made sure to dive into school early and steady because Joseph and Emma both had orthodontist appointments just before lunch. Neither have braces yet, but both will need them. Joseph's final baby teeth just came out, Emma still has 6 or 8 baby teeth. We also learned that Emma has NO wisdom teeth. Interesting!

Mason's school today was themed around the letter C. He drew stripes on caterpillars (fine motor practice), we read My C Box, My Six Book, and practiced writing the number 6 and his name. My learning to read boys both read to me today. Oliver is getting to the point where he's needing very little help. Caleb is doing well with short lessons and he enjoys All About Reading.

Makayla and I did some dress shopping in the evening. She's got a Spring Formal coming up. She found several dresses she liked and took home her favorite today. No pictures until the dance - sorry!

Wednesday we had puffy white clouds and blue skies but cold temperatures again, starting the day below freezing. School happened as usual. We finished reading our Book Club title - A Wrinkle in Time. It's such an interesting book. Most of the kids liked it. The only eventful happening was realizing two tires were going flat again. With all the getting people places that I do we can't just wait around and let that go. It was past time to replace the tires on the van so we got that done today. The 12 passenger van uses light truck tires - news to me. I just want tires that

Wednesday evening is our usual activity night. I've just recently been called to work with Cub Scouts as a Wolf Den Leader. It's a lot of fun to be in there and Daniel and Oliver seem to like having me in Scouts too. The last time I worked with Cub Scouts I was 18 years old and fresh out of high school. Tonight we had a craft and then played soccer. Whew! Those boys can run circles around me but we had a lot of fun.

Thursday the kids were on the ball with school work because Friday we have Book Club all morning. That means Thursday is the last day of seatwork and as soon as it is done they are free for the weekend. Oliver and Caleb each finished a story in their All About Reading readers. Math was plowed through. Books were read and discussed. Various children worked on piano, art projects, writing, and the usual assortment of lessons. Preparations were begun for a Boy Scout campout. Makayla found out she will be running in her first relay ever at her first track meet of the season this Saturday.

One other thing of note today: I devoured a new book in one day - Dragonwatch by Brandon Mull. Emma is reading it now and I can't wait to talk with her about it. It was great to dive back into the Fablehaven world. I may go crazy waiting for the next 4 books to come out. I love a series like that!

Well, most of my children have just headed to bed to listen to their audio books, read, or write on a novel depending on their age and interest. I'm going to snuggle up with a few little boys, read a couple stories, and lull them to sleep. I love my life!

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  1. I'm wishing Makayla well at her track meet this weekend. And I'm wondering if my Super Star is aware of Dragonwatch. She's a huge Brandon Mull fan, so I'll be checking to see if she has that one on hold at the library yet.

    I haven't figured out how to get piano lessons into our world--all these years, I've been trying and failing. Probably because I refuse to pay for a teacher. It might be wise to outsource this activity even if I can play and teach as well or better than a hired teacher can simply because of limitations on my time!

    I'm glad for this lovely, peaceful season for your family. What joy to read of your joy!

    1. Piano lessons only work because there is a wonderful woman in our ward who is more interested in kids learning to play piano than in a lot of pay, and because she's willing to come to our house on her way home from work once a week to do lessons. Even then, the cost for four is a stretch - and Oliver hasn't realized it yet, but because he's turned 8 we are willing to actually pay for lessons for him as well...

  2. I pray that the track meet goes well for Makayla this weekend! You're always a wonderful brightening to my day to read how you're family has done in the week. Truly a treasure!

  3. What a lovely recap even with out pictures. That seems to happen to me every few months and I only have 4 kids. You are amazing.
    Blessings, Dawn


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