Friday, March 17, 2017

Learning, Vertigo, and Growth

Monday we slid right back into our school routine after a restful weekend. Several of the kids are inching toward the end of their math books and so we've got interesting topics thrown in. Daniel is learning Roman numerals, Makayla's week was spent reviewing axioms, postulates, and theorems in Geometry, and Joseph and Emma are learning about probability.

Oliver was able to skip the next lesson in All About Reading (-ar) and go right to reading a story with -ar words. Caleb started reading The Tan Hat and giggling at a cat that was wearing a boy's hat. I read Max's Bunny Business to the little boys. Big kids read Praise to the Man, Ranger's Apprentice book 3, and Eragon.

I tried to be sure and capture at least one picture of each child this week.
Some were more or less enthusiastic about that.

Tuesday we woke to snow and cold - a perfect day to make potato soup in the crock pot. The house smelled delicious all day. Kids dove into school work early and plowed through. I love days like that because everywhere you look someone is reading or writing or learning. Some of the learning got derailed a bit when five packages arrived in the late morning. Many held books and various children wandered off to read. I can't say I blame them, new books are wonderful!

We did some music appreciation a la YouTube today. I picked a song to start us and then the kids shared some that I had not seen before. We also checked in on the live stream of April the Giraffe who is due to calve any day now.

Wednesday I surprised the kids with a day off. It was the day I woke up with a headache that just wouldn't go away and the second day that Makayla was dealing with being dizzy and practically passing out. We spent 4 1/2 hours in the emergency room for Makayla and they were essentially no help.

How can these kids be growing up so quickly?
Thursday we did school. My favorite part of the morning was when Mason and Samuel grabbed stacks of books and asked me to read them all to them. Yep, we snuggled right up and read every single one. Tobias joined us for a couple of the books. I also took Makayla to the pediatrician, who was much more helpful. He gave her two prescriptions, explained several things, and is scheduling a visit with a therapist who is familiar with the Epley Maneuver (supposed to help vertigo). We had just heard about it the night before from someone else, so we called them for some tips to try it out while we wait for an appointment with the therapist. She can't run track until this is sorted out, so we're exploring all possible avenues.

School fun!
Friday is here and we just pulled two loaves of banana bread and two loaves of pumpkin bread out of the oven. The picture collage just above shows some of the learning activities the younger boys did early this morning. Mason put numbers in order from 1-12 and then Samuel put those numbers into the clock puzzle. Mason decided that he should learn to read right now since Caleb has started. He insisted I make some words with the letter tiles for him to try. Lo and behold, he can blend sounds! He read all three words - cat, mat, and sat. I'm just going to follow his lead on this. When he requests reading lessons I will oblige, but for now I won't do them unless he asks.

Growth I've noticed this week in each child:
  • Tobias is trying to say words when he's pointing things out. He also started giving kisses voluntarily.
  • Samuel has been talking up a storm and pretending. He's still got a long way to go at mastering some consonant sounds but there is progress.
  • Mason is starting to learn to put his own pants on. I know that seems like something a 5 year old should already be able to do but for Mason it is really difficult. He can't feel anything from about his hips down and has weak core strength and balance. Putting on pants for him takes a lot more coordination and step by step work than it does for you or me because he has to pick up his leg with one hand, slide it in the pants (being held by the other hand)while not falling over, etc. Once he gets things straightened and mostly in the pants he still has to maneuver to get those pants up his legs, under his bum, around his hips, and up to his waist - all while sitting.
  • Caleb has been super helpful in the kitchen both with dishes and cooking. He usually prefers to play, but this week he has wanted to be involved in the work mommy is doing.
  • Oliver made some great progress in math this week, doing multiple digit subtraction with borrowing to the thousands place.
  • Daniel has embraced his big brother role at cub scouts - guiding Oliver through learning how to do the flag ceremony and encouraging him when he forgets what comes next.
  • Emma is more independent in her school work, often starting it early in the morning so she can get it done and move on to her own interests.
  • Joseph has been doing really well with Fix-It Grammar. He enjoys defining the vocabulary word each day and finding what needs fixed in the day's assignment.
  • Makayla has been doing really well with her Veterinary Medicine class. She's got a perfect score in the class, including all the tests and quizzes. She's learning a lot too!
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  1. Hooray for Mason! That's a really big deal!!!

    Urgh! Bummer about the ER mess. And I hope that Makayla's vertigo gets settled sooner rather than later. I've heard of the Epley Maneuver in positive ways.

    Sounds like life is good--kids growing, learning, loving. :) I'm happy for you all!

  2. Yeah! for a week filled with learning and growth and potato soup! I love potato soup. I hope you all have a blessed weekend.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. What a wonderful week! I love how you found growth in each child. ❤

    I hope you are able to quickly find out why Makayla is dizzy. I was dizzy for a month this winter and came to find out I was iron deficient.

  4. Yay for all the learning and growth! And yummy about the potato soup!

    It's a sad thing that Makayla has been getting dizzy. Hopefully you'll get control of it really soon and it's nothing too big to worry about. My prayers are with you and your family.

  5. My heartfelt sympathies to Makayla. I've been plagued by vertigo and other vestibular symptoms for a couple of years now. It truly is the most horrendous feeling and can be totally debilitating. I really hope that Epley or something else works for her.


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