Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Unplanned Drawing Lesson - Snails

I love when my children learn something without me. Last night we watched Turbo, a movie about a little snail that ends up becoming fast enough to race. This morning Emma was up at 5:30am watching the bonus features, with permission. She was joined by Joseph before 6:25am and both of them had pencils and paper in hand. Why? They found drawing tutorials!

Some of these were direct tutorials, while other snails were just ones the kids made up after trying the tutorials. When kids have the time to explore their interests it is amazing what happens!  I could have just said no when they asked to watch the bonus features. Some days I would have. But they were so interested in the movie and how it was made and I remembered to just let them follow that interest.

Of course one shell had to turn into a skull, right? It is practically a law for boys!  I love that he also stitched the mouth shut on that snail! Little details make a difference.

This is the last page of snails from this morning, which technically has Emma's first snail drawing on it too.

Sometimes the best learning is unplanned! Drawing class - accomplished.

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  1. These are all awesome! I needed the reminder that sometimes we need to just let them follow those interests.


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