Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Have You Looked at Your Library?

I have loved the library since I learned to read as a second grader. I remember bringing home stacks of books from the library, wandering the shelves, rereading old favorites, and discovering new treasures. I am endeavoring to pass that love of reading and libraries on to my children.

As a homeschooling family we have discovered that the libraries of today are much different than the library I grew up with - even though our library is the SAME library I went to as a child. Have you looked at your library and asked them about the resources they have available to you? Do they have a website or newsletter that gives you updates? I just want to encourage you to take the time to ask your library what services and fun things they offer. You might be surprised!

Our library is an excellent example. It carries instruments, board games, books, dvds, audiobooks, playaway books, teacher kits, magazines, newspapers, passes to a local history museum, ebooks, downloadable audio books, Kilowatt meters (electrical), laptop lending, computers to use there, free wifi, classes, seed library for gardeners, test proctoring, Mango Languages, a genealogy library, online music and art lessons, access to World Book website areas, and more. Go back and read that paragraph again. Do you see what an amazing array of resources a library can offer? As a homeschool mom I try to take advantage of these free resources when they fit our family's needs and interests, and I try to regularly see what new offerings my library has.

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  1. Wow! Your library is awesome!!!

    I guess I'd better see what ours has to offer than I'm unaware of. :)


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