Monday, February 13, 2017

Kid Fun: Painter's Tape + Cars, Magnet Tiles

Sometimes it is the simple things that are the most fun. I'm sharing about two toys my kids enjoy using.

When you have a lot of little boys it is nearly inevitable that you will own small toy cars. While bigger kids may enjoy using the plastic orange track pieces it quickly becomes frustrating with a toddler in the house. The solution? Painter's tape!

Today we made a couple roads and two parking lots out of painter's tape on the floor. Several of my boys have been happily playing with their cars ever since.

Here is a close up of one parking lot.

The second toy I'm sharing about today is in response to a reader question. I mentioned in my last post about Mason decorating his pretend grave with magnet tiles, but I neglected to share a picture. Here is Mason laying in his nicely decorated 'grave':

Boys can be interesting creatures.

Today I grabbed a picture of Oliver's creation with our magnet tiles. This is a more traditional way of using them. The kids build all sorts of towers, garages, space ships, and places. Sometimes they will also use these on the refrigerator to create mosaics.

You can find several brands of magnetic tiles on Amazon. The name brand is Magna Tiles. We actually have the Picasso Tiles brand because they were on sale one year before Christmas. Right now there is a $50 price difference between Magna Tiles 100 piece set and Picasso Tiles 100 piece set. We just have two 100 piece sets, though you can find a lot of other sets with different tile shapes or amounts. Remember, links to Amazon are affiliate links. That means if you make any purchase (truly, anything you get, not just the item I am linking you to) through my link I will receive a small credit from Amazon. Thank you!


  1. Awesome toys and activities--we know, because we play the same games!!

  2. I just saw the tape on the floor idea today on Pinterest. It's a great idea that I think my 4- year old would like. The one I saw was a maze, but it looked like it would take some brain power to make. I like your road/parking lot idea.

    Thanks for sharing,


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