Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Mash Up: Last week of summer fun

Welcome to my Friday Mash Up! This post is my excuse for fitting all sorts of random topics into one entry. I'll share weekly updates, links to interesting reads online, and more. This week was extra sweet as our end of summer week. My husband has been off of work and so we packed simple fun into each rainy day.


We played an old X-box game with the kids called You're in the Movies where it records video of you doing different actions in the game and then puts it all together into a short movie. It's hilarious!


We went to the last summer glow bowling night with our Kids Bowl Free membership. My pictures were terrible so just imagine it.


We visited the temple grounds with our children and brought along ice cream.


On the way home from that temple visit we stopped at a new Half Price Books location. Our children love when we do this! They each search the stacks for just the right book to bring home. I love that we can add to our family library inexpensively (plus they give a teacher's discount to homeschoolers!). We ended up buying 47 books and the price averages out to spending $2.82 per book.


We did some major cleaning and organizing projects. The not-so-finished basement where we have a pantry and long term food storage needed cleaned out. Daddy tackled that and I'm so grateful. The attic bins of toys and homeschool materials got sorted and labeled. The garage got some cleaning out, though it isn't finished yet - maybe Saturday. We were productive!


Date Night happened! Jason and I went to the Columbus Ohio temple for our date. I love when we get time to go out on a date instead of doing a date night at home!


We had a lovely morning Friday with some friends for Poetry Tea Time. Read more about that here.

There you have it, a quick recap of some of our week!


  1. Ooooh! I'm jealous of the cleaning you got done. :) I've been trying all summer to do some cleaning and organizing. I've managed two trips to the DAV drop off, but I long for more.

    Hooray for your date night!!!


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