Monday, July 17, 2017

Long Overdue Week in Review

Ha! Pregnancy certainly takes a lot of energy in the beginning and I found this post just languishing in my drafts. The last general week in review update was in mid-June! I figured I ought to just update this quickly and post it.

The week of June 19th started off with a surprise trip to Ye Olde Mill for ice cream cones on Monday. The kids chose quite the variety of flavors from vanilla and chocolate to Moose Tracks, Blue Moon, and Superman. I had peach - it was delicious!

We are still doing our summer learning several days a week. That means kids are reading scriptures, reading a literature book, and then doing 1 other activity. Math one day, writing one day, art or some other subject one day. We pulled out the oil pastels and watercolors on Thursday to get creative.

The week of June 26th flew by with extra chores for me. Why? Because Makayla was been gone all week at EFY camp - Especially For Youth. That leaves 1 crab, 1 snake, 2 bearded dragons, a colony of dubia roaches, superworms, and a cat to feed and take care of. Oh, and tadpoles. We still have tadpoles. Some of the pet chores other kids have pitched in to help with, like feeding the cat and tadpoles, but others really take someone older to do carefully.

The kids still at home have enjoyed a relaxing week with summer learning several days, tons of Lego building, reading great books, play, and a daily movie in the afternoon while I nap (more on this in my most recent pregnancy update). We're still reading aloud My Side of the Mountain and it always surprises me the connections kids make. We read about Sam meeting a raccoon and right away the kids start talking about our reading of Rascal and the live raccoon we saw while we were reading that book. We read it last October!

The week of July 3rd Mason got his next IV infusion at the hospital for his osteoporosis. He did pretty well with that and his side effects in the following days were minimal, just tired and achy. We kept a pretty low profile that week as a family and did a lot of playing games together. We also spent one afternoon and evening without power after some big storms.

Last week (July 10th) we took the week off from summer learning just to relax and enjoy our days. Makayla has still been shadowing a group of veterinarians each Tuesday and loves it. Joseph started the process for braces. He's getting a palate expander put in over the next few weeks and will use that for a while before the actual braces. I'm still doing Cub Scouts along with Oliver and Daniel. We also had Homeschool Book Club last week to talk about My Side of the Mountain. Our next book is Tuesdays at the Castle and it sounds great!

That brings us up to date! We have these last two weeks of summer and then plan to begin our school year the first week of August. I'm knee deep in preparing our school shelves with the books for this year. As a matter of fact, I need to get back to work on that right now. I'll try to post about our school plans soon.


  1. I hope you don't ever have issues with thinking you don't do enough!! :)

    Wishing you a happy start to school.

    We're gearing up, too, but I'm trying to figure out ways to delay as long as possible.

  2. You've been a busy lady! Sounds like a lot of fun even with being so busy. I'm loving all of the updates about your summer and how you're doing with the pregnancy! You've got such a beautiful family!

  3. My kids LOVE the Castle Glower series. I hope your kids enjoy Celie too. Also summer sounds so wonderful at your house. I'm glad you are getting a nap and enjoying your kids each day.


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