Friday, April 21, 2017

This Week's Notes, Boy Scout Rank Achievement

Monday was day 1 of the last 6 weeks of the school year. We hit the ground running. Math, science, reading, literature, grammar, writing, and even an art project with our fingerprint Usborne book as the inspiration. The kids took a break at 10am when my visiting teacher came to visit and headed outside to run off their energy.

Also on Monday:
  • Thyroid bloodwork for mommy - and a follow up appointment next week.
  • Track practice for Makayla.
  • A mountain of clean laundry was put away - because we just didn't get to it over the Easter weekend.
  • Feeding people. Why do they insist on eating 3 meals a day?
  • Thinking about the homeschool convention. I head there on Friday with a friend. It is going to be a fun 2 days!
Tuesday started early as usual with taking Makayla to Seminary. I was home by 6:05am and realized it was time to start putting things in order for the my trip to the Midwest Homeschool Convention. I printed directions and a parking pass, double checked my hotel reservations, and started a packing list. The day then moved into breakfast, school, dropping a meal off to someone, and more school.

We're into physics for science with the 6th grade and under crowd. This week we've been learning about Isaac Newton and his laws of motion. Today we explored force and inertia.

In a moment of clarity today I realized just how refreshing it was to take a week off for spring break. Everyone is cheerful and diligent in their school work again. It confirms the plans I made to put our homeschool on a Sabbath week schedule next fall. We will school 6 weeks and then take the 7th week off for rest. We will have an 8 week summer (all of June and July) and start things back up in August.

I spent part of the afternoon outside with the kids, took Makayla out for some driving practice in the mid-afternoon. In the evening she had another track meet.

Wednesday some of the kids got up earlier than usual, including Tobias (age 17 mos), who was up at 5:00am for the day. My alarm doesn't ring until 5:20am. I missed those 20 minutes! Oh well. We were rolling along pretty well before 8am with school work. I just went with it. Most of the kids have taped their weekly assignment sheets on the dining room wall so they flit between the wall, book shelves, table, couch, floor, piano, and bedroom - depending on where they are most comfortable doing each assignment. Emma prefers to do math on the couch, for example. Makayla does most of her work other than math and piano in her bedroom. Caleb does everything at the table. And on it goes.

Boy Scout Court of Honor tonight - Joseph earned two ranks (Tenderfoot and 2nd Class Scout) and one Merit Badge. It is so strange to see my little boy is taller than I am. Sigh. They just keep growing up.
Joseph pinning on my Mother's pins for the ranks he's earned.

Thursday was a blur with the last school work of the week, grocery shopping (because I'll be gone Saturday), and packing for the homeschool convention.

As I type this is it 4:14am and I'm heading out the door shortly to pick up my friend Jessica and go to our teacher development weekend in Cincinnati at the convention. We have literally hundreds of classes to choose from (and will probably get to 10 or so), hundreds of curriculum vendors to browse, and a lot of fun to enjoy!


  1. Oh! I hope you're having fun and getting refreshed and energized. I missed our local convention because I misunderstood the date, thinking it was General Conference weekend. It turned out to be the weekend after, but by the time I knew so, it was too late to organize being gone from home for 2 days.

    I hope your classes are marvelous!

    I have quite a few years before any of my boys will be taller than I am, but I have daughters that have long since passed me up. Rose Red laughs and calls me "little mother" when she's in a good mood.

  2. I'm thinking about the 6 week on 1 week off schedule too. I need to sit down with my calendar and see how that looks in reality.

    Yippie on the new Boy Scout rank/award. I didn't know Mom's got something too, that's a nice touch.

    I hope you had a great time at convention!

  3. Congratulations on the boy scout awards! That's awesome! My son was in boy scouts for about half a year before he lost interest. Some days I wish he'd stuck with it.

    I hope the convention was full of awesomeness for you!


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