Friday, October 7, 2016

Art Class: Watercolor Castles, Scarecrows

Today we got to do another art class with our friends! We finished the castle drawings from last time by using watercolor pencils on them. Then we started a new project: scarecrows!

This project happened in a couple stages today. First the kids used templates to trace and cut out the pieces they wanted for their scarecrow. I had a stack of scrapbook paper available for them to use and nobody used exactly the same papers in the same way.

Once all their pieces were cut out they chose white or black sulphite paper as their background. Today everyone chose black paper except Emma. They glued the scarecrows to the paper and let them dry.

The last step some children chose to do was use chalk pastels on the background. You can also see that there were children who added patches to their scarecrows. Some chose to do faces and others did not. These made some fun fall decorations to add to our walls!

What art projects are happening in your home this week?

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  1. How fun! I love getting to see what other families are doing for art to get ideas to inspire me to do art with my own kids. Today we painted glitter on the pumpkins we got on Friday. :) I bet my kids would enjoy making mixed media scarecrows, too.


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