Monday, March 8, 2021

February 20th to March 8th

Saturday I made a list of projects to do. Of course, most of it I needed help from other people to do, which didn't thrill my family members very much. In the end, we skipped most of my project list. This is one of the hardest things about having a broken foot! When I'm motivated to do a project, I need help from others to do it, so the project has to wait. I did get done things I could do on my own, like preparing a seminary lesson for next week, meal planning, and school prep.

Sunday morning we got off to a slow start, participated in church via Zoom, and spent a slow afternoon together. I stood on one foot and baked scones for dinner because it really sounded yummy - and it was. I just had a chair right next to me and sat down in between steps, while other people did the walking around gathering and putting away items for me. In the evening we caught up with Makayla in a video chat, then I played Villainous: Positively Wretched with Daniel and Caleb. 

Monday morning started dark and early with seminary. Last week someone else taught for me, while I was sick, which was so helpful. We talked about the worth of a soul today. After breakfast our morning was all things homeschool. I taught a slew of new math lessons or reviewed past math concepts (including by video chat with my nephew). Kids read all sorts of books. The high schoolers did the next video in Chemistry 101. My middle and elementary school science group studied the periodic table in our chemistry lesson. 

After school, I played the board game Castle Panic with Caleb, Mason, and Samuel. Tobias, Samuel, Rebekah, and Daddy played Dinosaur Escape. Then it was lunch time, medical care, and afternoon quiet time. 

In the late afternoon we got things prepared around the house for Daddy to go back to work. That basically involved some food preparations to make breakfasts and lunches easier this week, making sure all clean laundry was sorted and put away, and toys chosen for the week for downstairs. 

Tuesday we were on our own while daddy worked. Seminary and homeschool happened. Lunch was snack plates - we fill up divided containers with meats, cheeses, crackers, veggies, and fruits, put them down the center of the table, and enjoy. Today's lunch had ham, turkey, pepperoni, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, crackers, cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, egg-free ranch dressing, grapes, strawberries, and kiwi fruit. Yum!

In the afternoon I had x-rays and a check up with my surgeon. My foot is starting to heal! I have to stay off it completely for another 2 weeks, then we'll do more x-rays. If healing has continued well, I will get to start standing and walking for short periods of time each day, but still a lot of staying off the foot for weeks after that. 

Wednesday we started seeing less snow on the ground and more grass. It's wonderful. And muddy. The day was a bit of a struggle, with some disappointments for a couple kids, but we made it through to bed time. Sometimes, that is all you can do, right? 

Thursday went a bit better. The kids worked diligently on their school work. We enjoyed leftover cinnamon rolls and fresh strawberries for lunch. The sun was shining on the remaining snow and mud. We saw so many birds at our bird feeder today! The kids also have been burning off energy with a new game their grandma in Utah sent to them. It is called Goodminton, and she sent us two sets. Basically, it has paddles similar to ping pong paddles, and birdies that have weighted rubber ends and feathers in two lengths. The long feathered birdies fly slower, making it easier for younger kids to learn, but working just as well for older kids. The short feathered birdies fly fast. The kids are hilarious, trying to play together in the house, sometimes in pairs, other times as singles, or with two single games going on side by side in the living room/piano room area. I also have kids working to see how many times they can hit a birdie solo without letting it fall to the ground. They also have tried doing this as a team, instead of trying to get the other person to miss the birdie, they work together to keep the birdie flying back and forth as long as possible. Here is a link to Goodminton on Amazon (aff), right now a set of paddles and birdies is on sale for $9.99. Worth every penny! My kids are working on eye hand coordination, cooperative play, and getting out some energy.

Here there is a gap in my notes. From what I remember of the next week (Feb. 27-Mar.7) I can record the following:

  • The snow finally all melted. Hooray!
  • We homeschooled every day as usual. 
  • Everyone's COVID symptoms, including my pesky breathing and heart rate issues, finally disappeared. 
  • Yeah, that's about it. I know we did more than this, but can't remember anything.

I have had a cough for several days now. It's not fun. The more I talk, the more I cough. And the more I cough, the more I visit the bathroom because that bladder has some issues after 14 pregnancies (10 of which were full term). If you know, you know. 

It is now Monday March 8th. The kids spent the afternoon outside with daddy enjoying the sunshine. I caught up with the college daughter on video chat. Dinner was beef stew in the crock pot (easy!). I am counting down to my next x-ray on Wednesday, hoping the surgeon gives me the green light to start using this foot some. 


  1. I'm glad everyone's feeling better, and that your foot is healing. Those projects will still be there when you're all better (job security).

  2. Getting to bedtime? I get it!! You're right about that being the best we can do some days.:)

    I'm glad you're healing. We have prayed for you here. May the healing continue to go well!!

  3. So glad you all are feeling better and that your foot is on the mend. I know it must be frustrating to be trapped and unable to do your projects.
    Blessings, Dawn


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